Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Long time, no post, EH? LOL. Well yullow everybody :] Sorry I haven't been posting...gave up on it kind of. The pre-quest updates came out, & well I haven't done them yet because I am grand, xp is to the max, so it's a waste?

I do want the new mount called Dream Filly! ITS SO GORGEOUS! Need to get the money for it!

School is starting back soon /: I WILL BE A FRESHY THOUGH :D

If you're reading this, get your friends to folllllllllllllllllowww! :]

Well I think the whole xp waste should be mentioned to KI, so if you agree, I have already sent my concerns, please contact them telling them how you feel! Maybe they will put the level cap in early! That would be great for Grandmasters! And even masters.

k well that's about it! more soon!

Cassandra Waterdust.

Friday, June 25, 2010

10 Millionth user day!!!!

Yullow everybody! :P So today I am posting about, well the topic. Me and my friend Mary, yesterday, decided to dress up and show some wizard101 spirit for the 10 millionth user day! We took some pictures and well there pretty funny looking. Check 'em out!

As Mary calls it, "Cassandra punch, Mary hop." Haha!


Ravenwood decorations. Isn't it beautiful?

Celebrating with Bartleby.

I had many difficulties doing this. Sorry :(

Cassandra Waterdust.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So thanks to Mary Dreamshade's blog post on her blog, "," we got 2 more followers! Not a lot but still its adding up! Thanks Mary!

ALSO!* I heard and think I read that Celestia comes out this next week!!!!!! :D (maybe) So excited but also scared because if there's gonna be more new schools than rank PVP is gonna get harder and I am still commander D:

What are your thoughts about it? Also what schools do you think there are gonna be? Comment and tell your thoughts! I'll even make it cooler! Who ever has the best thoughts gets the a treasure card from me! :D Idk what yet though? I'll edit when I find out! I mean its not a lot but there's nothing to loose! :D

The prize will be an Ice Colossus. If you don't like that then we can meet at the Bazaar and you can pick out a treasure. Nobody has posted yet so I doubt there will be a winner? :(

Cassandra Waterdust

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

OK so it seems that I am the only one posting blogs. LoL. Anyways just a few mins ago I ported to my friend and like his friend's burnzilla or whatever its called was HUGER THAN ANY PET I SAW THAT WAS HUGE!!!!!!!!! Do you agree? Or have you saw bigger? Tell me what ya think?

Cassandra Waterdust.

P.s. The Labyrinth glitch! Also there is the same in Big Ben. But I happened to be in the Labyrinth. VVVVVVVVVVVV

Monday, June 21, 2010

Thanks everyone :D My Celestia dorm!

When I made this I didn't think we were gonna get any followers at all! But we do so THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWED! :D If you would tell all your friends about us that would be fan-friggin-tastic!

So yes I entered the, "Best Little Dorm in Wizard City," contest and I turned in the pictures yesterday. I need some honest opinions people! No hard feelings. Well comment this and tell me what ya think (:

Cassandra Waterdust.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The very first blog of us Ladies!

OK, so this is happens to be our very first blog of all! Me (Cassy) and my friend Lea (we call each other sis) are gonna write about stuff happening in Wizard101. It can be about news, relationships, gossip, drops from bosses, just about anything. Our blogs may surprise you, 'cause ya never know what we will write about :P I don't even know? Aha. Me and her are beginners of Blog Spot so bare with us, it will get interesting and entertaining along the way. Well stay tuned for more blogs that will come in the future (;

Cassandra Waterdust.

P.S. Yeah I know I made grammar mistakes. Thats what texting does to yah. Its a habit and plus all of the texting made me forget where to put comma's and everything :( Lol.