Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Long time, no post, EH? LOL. Well yullow everybody :] Sorry I haven't been posting...gave up on it kind of. The pre-quest updates came out, & well I haven't done them yet because I am grand, xp is to the max, so it's a waste?

I do want the new mount called Dream Filly! ITS SO GORGEOUS! Need to get the money for it!

School is starting back soon /: I WILL BE A FRESHY THOUGH :D

If you're reading this, get your friends to folllllllllllllllllowww! :]

Well I think the whole xp waste should be mentioned to KI, so if you agree, I have already sent my concerns, please contact them telling them how you feel! Maybe they will put the level cap in early! That would be great for Grandmasters! And even masters.

k well that's about it! more soon!

Cassandra Waterdust.