Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So thanks to Mary Dreamshade's blog post on her blog, "," we got 2 more followers! Not a lot but still its adding up! Thanks Mary!

ALSO!* I heard and think I read that Celestia comes out this next week!!!!!! :D (maybe) So excited but also scared because if there's gonna be more new schools than rank PVP is gonna get harder and I am still commander D:

What are your thoughts about it? Also what schools do you think there are gonna be? Comment and tell your thoughts! I'll even make it cooler! Who ever has the best thoughts gets the a treasure card from me! :D Idk what yet though? I'll edit when I find out! I mean its not a lot but there's nothing to loose! :D

The prize will be an Ice Colossus. If you don't like that then we can meet at the Bazaar and you can pick out a treasure. Nobody has posted yet so I doubt there will be a winner? :(

Cassandra Waterdust


  1. ooh I think they're gonna be like astral schools like sun moon and star and I think there might be water but no one is really sure yet so...O.o... yeah btw, I think your blog is awesome :)

  2. Aw Mary :D Those are some great ideas! Since your the only one who posted and HAD AN AWESOME IDEA! you get ice colossus! :P I think your blog is awesomer!