Sunday, June 20, 2010

The very first blog of us Ladies!

OK, so this is happens to be our very first blog of all! Me (Cassy) and my friend Lea (we call each other sis) are gonna write about stuff happening in Wizard101. It can be about news, relationships, gossip, drops from bosses, just about anything. Our blogs may surprise you, 'cause ya never know what we will write about :P I don't even know? Aha. Me and her are beginners of Blog Spot so bare with us, it will get interesting and entertaining along the way. Well stay tuned for more blogs that will come in the future (;

Cassandra Waterdust.

P.S. Yeah I know I made grammar mistakes. Thats what texting does to yah. Its a habit and plus all of the texting made me forget where to put comma's and everything :( Lol.

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